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Welcome to JJRS Construction Pvt. Ltd.

JJRS Construction Pvt. Ltd. – Civil Contractors & Engineers is privately owned construction firm with a strong presence in DELHI & NCR. The company has successfully completed projects of varied nature in Punjab, Haryana and Rajsthan also. The enterprise is expanding under the Noble guidance of Chairman, Honorable Jai Jai Ram Singh Infrastructure (P) Ltd, the business has grown rapidly since 1968, from Bokaro Steel City (Bihar).Since then it has come a long way in executing some of the most prestigious projects- in the process acquiring rich experience, exposure to and adoption of modern construction technology and a dedicated zeal and self professed high objective of giving sustained high quality of workmanship, delivery of projects well within the scheduled period of completion required by highly exacting and demanding clients.

The Vision
To become synonymous with quality, timely delivery & commitment.
The Mission
Our mission to deliver projects on time and in budget.
The Management
"Leadership is the art of engaging the hearts and minds of ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results."
The quality of the human resources, directly or indirectly involved with a project, is responsible for its success. The project reaches its pinnacle if the human resources involved in it are skilled, competent and well versed. It is also important to retain these people for further success of the service rendered. Hence, to enrich, update and retain the human resources training plays a vital role.

Our management is represented by a team of highly motivated & dedicated professionals, who collaborate to give our clients the highest levels of satisfaction.

A flat and decentralized organization with clearly defined structures and open lines of communication ensure that everyone on a project is on the same page at all times. The advantage - rapid and quality decision making and efficient trouble shooting where needed. What separates us from the rest is our distinct management style and the professionalism of our staff of over 500. This enables us to provide superior quality and wider range of construction services anywhere across the nation.

The Management of the company is spearheaded by a Board, which decides on the policy matters of the organization and its strategic aims. The Board ensures that the necessary resources are in place to meet these aims.
At the working level, the company's field functions are managed by competent technical professionals supported by individual groups responsible for Financial, Material and Administrative Management. In addition to these, an independent group reporting directly to the Senior Management looks after Business Development functions of the company.
The overall structure has been kept flexible to enable us to orient ourselves according to the need of the assignments, we handle.
Establish a strict performance-monitoring scheme to help deliver a fair reward structure
Training and developing our people is a strategic focus. This training aims in optimizing the utilization of human resources that further helps them to achieve the organizational goals as well as their individual goals. The training further aims in increasing the job knowledge and skills of the staffs at various levels. It helps to expand the horizons of intellect and an overall personality of the individuals
The Partners
The three partners of the partnership firm JJRS PROJECTS are-

"In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."

"What we know about individuals, no matter how rich the details, will never give us the ability to predict how they will behave as a system. Once individuals link together they become something different ... Relationships change us, reveal us, evoke more from us. Only when we join with others do our gifts become visible, even to ourselves."

Our partners in providing the best to our clients. They are the specialist of their trade and are carefully chosen. We also provide the necessary training to them if required so as to maintain our quality and timely delivery of the job. JJRS (P) Ltd. seamlessly manages a combination of in-house teams, partnered resources and outsourced services, ensuring smooth implementation of projects irrespective of size, complexity or deadline. Dedicated site teams engaged in primary construction activities are supported by back-end teams to ensure timely implementation of the project and quality of the highest standards. All linked together by efficient communications and Information Technology

The right goods and services, at the right time, at the lowest cost sums up JJRS (P) Ltd. approach to procurement, and we have the experience, the tools, and the know-how to make it work. Materials are sourced or procured directly from manufactures, their agents or from reputed sources, quality checked, warehoused at our godowns or delivered to construction sites as required. By providing integrated, reliable, and cost-efficient supply chain management services, we help ensure the success of projects large and small. Our capabilities include
The Culture & Values
"The best happens only when the best is implemented."
"Our positive work culture underpins our business and is a key driver of our future growth. We measure the link between the success of business and our work culture as also progress to our goal of becoming the Company of first choice of the employees and clients. Our culture encourages every employee to take extra steps to turn an ordinary service into extra ordinary. It values collaboration, both internally and with our clients & trade partners

Our work culture is founded on the following values